Koji Shiroshita 城下浩伺

_act_RELATE – Making Communication

Feb 11- 23, 2020

Toyonaka City Gallery, Osaka

This was an exhibition as the creator team “_act_” and organized by Toyonaka City.
The large venue was divided into three rooms: a solo exhibition by Koji Shiroshita, an exhibition of his collaborative works with TACO, and an exhibition and workshop that introduced the involvement and ingenuity of various creators in the process of creating the exhibition.
In the third room, we set up a “What title would you give to this picture? ( There’s no answer)” was set up. We placed a box with trigger words and asked the audience to write the title on a post-it and leave it on the wall.
During the Exhibition, two workshops were held: “Designing to Communicate” and “Drawing, Appreciating, and Taking Home a Picture.
For the details(_act_’s website)

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