Koji Shiroshita 城下浩伺

Koji Shiroshita & TACO Exhibition _act_Draws at DMOARTS

June 2-15, 2017


LUCUA 1100 7F, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8558




closing at 18:00 at the final day


Reception party on Saturday, June 3, 18:00- (no reservation)

Draw alone, and draw together.

The two brushes are led as if they create a new artist.

Don’t miss their evolving artworks.

The solo and collaborative art works of Koji Shiroshita and TACO have a power that resonates with and gathers creators, such as a designer, translator and photographer in support.

With those supporters, “act” was born with the two artists at its center.

Starting with a series of exhibitions in 2014 held at three venues in Osaka, “act” has expanded their audience with exhibitions in Fukuoka and various art fairs.

And now we will take on a new world at “DMO ARTS” in Osaka.




Exhibition View (Act Web site)

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