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Artwork for Dynamics of Counseling

April 8, 2024

I created the cover artwork for the book "Dynamics of Counseling." Artwork from the "FOCUS" series was utilized for this purpose. The book offers an intriguing look into how researchers from various fields of psychology, such as clinical psychology, social psychology, and cognitive psychology, analyze video recordings of sessions conducted by professional counselors to study their listening skills.

The design is by Takamitsu Ohta, and the direction is by Mifuku Design.

Title: Dynamics of Counseling – Delving into the Core of Listening Skills

Publisher: PubFanSelf
*This book is only available in Japanese.

What characteristics define the listening skills of professional counselors? This book delves into the core of listening skills by analyzing detailed data on speech and silence in counseling, the counselor’s blinking, back-channel expressions, and body movements. It offers fresh insights for those who wish to deepen their understanding of psychology and listening skills, and for those who realize the importance of listening in their daily work.

While previous studies have focused on the content of conversations (verbatim transcripts), this book analyzes actual counseling sessions conducted by professional counselors through video analysis. It also reveals the points counselors focus on to understand their clients through psychological experiments. Readers will have the opportunity to concretely learn about counselors’ listening techniques and reevaluate their own communication skills. Important tips for building trust can also be gained through this book.

■ Author Information

Chika Nagaoka

Associate Professor, Otemon Gakuin University

Yasuhiro Oyama

Professor, The Open University of Japan

Tomoko Kuwabara

Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University / Specially Appointed Professor, The Open University of Japan

Masatsugu Komori

Professor, Osaka University of Economics and Law

Sakiko Yoshikawa

President of Kyoto University of the Arts / Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University

Mikio Watanabe

Professor, Sunway University Business School

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