Koji Shiroshita 城下浩伺


The Boundaries of Our Sense of Distance, the World That Has Completely Changed in Appearance

The idea of “focus” came from what is called “blurred image”, such as a blurry picture on social media when my smartphone takes time to load due to limited communication speed, or an out-of-focus background image in a video.
I catch the moments until the smartphone completely loads it or at the moment the camera pans in the video, draw based on those images, have a photographer take multiple out-of-focus pictures of each of those, and choose one from them, print it, frame it in a painting frame, and then the work is completed.
The layers of brush strokes become flattened with the accumulated information being integrated through the process of shooting and printing, and the essence of the image, which focuses on nothing, is left.
In those images, I see the world that looks totally different since the watershed moment that was the appearance of the new coronavirus or the uncertainty about the feelings of distance with people or things that I started to feel because of the pandemic.

Exhibition Views

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