Koji Shiroshita 城下浩伺

FOCUS Koji Shiroshita Exhibition

Nov 11- Dec 6, 2020

Kousagisha Gallery, Kyoto

Shiroshita created “Moto-ga” using Chinese ink or paints while checking the images on the screen through the camera lens. Photographer Masashi Mihotani then took 10 to 20 out-of-focus shots of them, and from these, Shiroshita selected one to print as a “painting” for the exhibition.
The idea is based on “new landscapes,” such as blurry images that appear on social media before they have finished loading only during smartphone speed limits, or out-of-focus reflections in the background of a movie scene. He shows the indistinctness of the distance between people and things, which has been drastically changed by the new coronavirus, through “pictures with no focus anywhere”.
By using the structure of the gallery to contrast “pictures in focus all over the screen” (Completely Untitled series) and “pictures out of focus everywhere” (FOCUS series), he attempted to create an exhibition structure that would dynamically affect the focus adjustment function of vision.

Kyoto Art Center Artists‐in‐Studios program

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